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Tours to Kazakhstan. Vacation ideas - Holiday ideas in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan travel. Spend your holidays in Kazakhstan and choose your optimal Kazakhstan tour package below! Travel to Kazakhstan with OrexCA.com

Year-round, Kazakhstan provides recreation opportunities for travelers from all over the world. The choice of tours across Kazakhstan, especially eco-tours, is so great that it is better to decide what is possible to see this time around, and what to postpone for a future visit! If you are inclined toward active vacations, wild nature, snowy mountain peaks and steep alpine ski runs, and mysterious caves and blue mountain lakes a tour to Kazakhstan will pleasantly surprise you and will remain an unforgettable trip for the rest of your life.

OrexCA.com offers you tours around the cities of Kazakhstan, including acquaintances with the most beautiful cities in the country - Astana, Almaty, and Turkestan; ecological tours, fascinating excursions, hunting, helicopter flights and even visits to the "Baikonur" cosmodrome.

Daily trips and excursions at the outskirts of Almaty oblast and Almaty Daily trips and excursions at the outskirts of Almaty oblast and Almaty
We offer you a wide selection of tours in the cities, rivers and lakes in Kazakhstan. Unique Singing sand dunes and fabulous Charyn Canyon, a mysterious Monakhovo Gorge and amazing Lake Issyk, breathtaking waterfalls and endless Turgen Assy plateau - you can take an unforgettable journey that will take only one day, but will be remembered for many months...
Winter Sports to Kazakhstan. Tours to Hot mineral source. Kiting. Sledding
If you love speed and want to feel unusual inflow of energy, we are glad to offer you kiting (the big kite which tows you either on skis or a snowboard on the flat surface). High demand and popular during the winter is the time when air temperature falls below 0 degrees and water temperature is more comfortable for the body that allows tourists to swim without special restrictions in the open air...
Tours to Lakes ane Rivers of Kazakhstan
Ascent on tram to Big Talgar pass (3163m) In case the third line of the tramway is closed, we will ascend to the 20th tower, and from there hike up to the pass. Start of trekking in the Northern Tien Shan. iking: Big Talgar pass - Small Talgar pass (2870m) - Left Talgar river (2250m) - Alpine rose glade - Solnechnaya glade (2722m) (7 km) ...
Tours to Mangyshlak Tours to Mangyshlak
Geographical location. Mangystau region includes the territory of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the majority of the Usturt plateau, and the southern part of the Caspian depression - the Buzachi peninsula. That amounts to more than 16 million hectares of natural deserts and semi-deserts. There are several different landscape zones here: the shore of the Caspian Sea, with a large number of canyons and ravines, mountain massif of Karatau, chalky and limestone cliffs, sand dunes, the clay and salty surfaces of dry lake beds, and vast valleys. The most significant necropolises of Mangyshlak are Beket-Ata, Shopan-Ata, Shakpak-Ata, Seisem-Ata, Masat-Ata, Karaman-Ata, Koshkar-Ata, Sultan-Epe, Khanga-Baba, Ushtam, Akshora and others....
Mountaineering in Kazakhstan Mountaineering in Kazakhstan
Currently, mountaineering is one of the most popular forms of extreme sport in the world. The Republic of Kazakhstan has unique mountaineering resources, among which are the Northern Tien Shan mountains, located in Almaty Region. Another name for this place is Zhetysu or Semirechie, meaning "Land of Seven Rivers", and it drains into Lake Balkhash. Zhetysu is Kazakhstan's pearl, a beautiful and unique place. Striking secrets are held here, where the routes and historic fates of many tribes and nations crossed in the distant past...
Camel riding in the Taukum desert, rafting on the Ili river and trekking in the Altai mountains
Geographical location. Taukum Desert, situated on the southwest banks of Lake Balkhash, along the Kurti river and along the left bank of the Ili river. The area of the Taukum desert is 8300 sq. km, its length is 200 km and width is 60 km. Saksaul, dguzgun, githyak, polin, and many other plants grow in the Taukum desert. The Ili river flows through China and Kazakhstan. This river originates in the eastern Chinese Tien Shan (its sources are the Tekes and Kunges rivers), and flows into Balkhash lake ...
Tours on the Aral Sea
Visit to the ship cemeteries. Beside old, rusted boats and ships and the salty sands all around, camels peacefully graze. Arrival to the Aral Sea, walking on the coast...
Buddha Petroglyph, ancient burial mounds and the wild nature of Southern and Eastern Kazakhstan
Beneath the Kapchagai water reservoir, the Ili River flows through a deep rocky canyon, up to 200 meters wide. The river in this section is full-flowing with a rapid current and clear water. The canyon is about 100 meters deep, with small islands. Lunch on the way. In 1.5 - 2 hours, cliffs are seen to the right, the Tamgaly-Tas gorge, where on one of the rocks a huge image of Buddha is engraved. Transfer Tamgaly-Tas - Kapchagai reservoir ...
Shepherds of the Djailiau and Singing Dune
Horse ride: Oi-Zhailau river - river valley - Oyzhaylau pass (2521m)- Assy river (12 km) From the night's camp, we ride horses along a narrow valley. A small river which begins on the eastern slopes of the valley flows nearby. On the banks of the river are a number of yurts and shepherds' tents ...
Special tours for Indian subcontinent Special tours of the Indian subcontinent
The Indian Sub-continent is also a part of the Great Silk Route. In the light of their proximity and geo-political situation, Central Asian countries will become partners in economic, cultural, and transport affairs that offer a huge potential for Corporate, Incentive, and Business travel and support Almaty as a good MICE destination to hold Sales conferences for Multinationals and other organizations...
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