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Resorts of Kazakhstan
Recreation. The best places for rest and recreation among the natural resorts of Kazakhstan

Resorts & Recreation in Kazakhstan Chimbulak Alpine Skiing Resort
The alpine ski resort of Chimbulak sits seven kilometers from Medeo, at 2200-2500m. The length of the runs from Talgar Pass is 3500 meters. The slalom run is 1500 meters in length. Chimbulak has both chairlifts and rope tows. The alpine skiing season begins in the middle of November and ends in April ...
Almaty resort Tabagan. Resorts & Recreation in Kazakhstan Tabagan Resort
The new "Tabagan" complex is located in the Talgar area of Almaty region, near the national natural reserve, 17km from the city of Almaty. This complex occupies 55 hectares, at 1650m. The terrain of this district and its favorable weather characteristics allow for year-round operation of the complex. During winter, it is used for downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling...
Mountains-ski resort Ak-Bulak. Resorts & Recreation in Kazakhstan Ak-Bulak Mountain Ski Resort
Bewitching natural landscapes, first rate recreation, a unique tramway, and ski and snowboard routes, 35 km from Almaty. An opportunity to combine exclusive, exciting recreation, corporate seminars, and business meetings with partners! Tramway: with a length of 3700m, it will take you to a height of 2660m. The base of the tram sits right next to the hotel, and a cosy carriage will whisk you uphill at a speed of 6m/sec...
Resorts & Recreation in Kazakhstan Medeo Skating Rink
Medeo Ice rink is well known all over the world, located at a height of 1691.2m. It was constructed in 1972, and has an ice surface of 10.5 thousand sq. m, allowing for the conduction of competitions in speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating. The canyon's mild climate, optimal solar radiation levels, low atmospheric pressure, light winds and pure glacial water has provided high quality ice and world renowned ...
Resorts & Recreation in Kazakhstan Rakhmanov Hot Springs
"Rakhmanovskie Kluchi" Hot Springs Resort
The underground rivers of this place presumptively contain a curative form of radon - a product of the disintegration of radioactive elements from very rare minerals of granite. The hot springs are used for the treatment of diseases of the joints, backbone, nervous system and skin. A peasant named Rahmanov discovered the hot springs in 1763. According to legend, he wounded a maral. Losing strength, the wounded animal entered the springs and left completely healed ...
Borovoe, Kazakhstan Borovoye Resort
The Borovoye lake is the beauty and pride of this area, featuring a variety of sanitariums, camping sites and resorts with crowded shores and all the attributes of resort life: restaurants, beaches, stores and dance halls. Across the small mountainous isthmus you can get from Borovoye lake to the Big Chebach lake. It is perfect for lovers of unhurried and "wild" recreation who prefer camping and intimate contact with nature...
Nur-Bulak, Kazakhstan The Nur-Bulak complex
The "Nur-Bulak" complex is located close to Tokpaiyn village, at the bottom of a mountain in needle-leaved and birch forest. The road to the complex is asphalted. The healing spring Nurbulak (in translation from Kazakh Language - a radiating light streamlet) flows directly on base territory...
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