Terms and Conditions of Kazakhstan hotel reservation services on OrexCA.com

General Provisions

OrexCA.com - online hotel and other tourism services reservation system over Central Asia and Transcaucasia.

OrexCA.com, further referred to as Service Provider, provides hotel reservation services to Client only after the Client has read through and agreed to the terms of the present Agreement.

The reservation is performed based on the contracts concluded between OrexCA.com with hotels. Hotel reservation with the hotels of Kazakhstan is performed in accordance with the terms and regulations applied by the respective hotel.

Service Order

The order of the services is performed based on the Hotel Reservation Form carefully filled by the client and submitted to the Service Provider over the web-site, telephone, e-mail, or any other means of communication.

The pre-confirmation of the reservation is performed by the OrexCA.com Reservation office employee within 24 hours after the submission of the application. All applications submitted on weekends or on official holidays are processed on the first working day following the days off.

In exceptional cases (high season, overloading) OrexCA.com reserves the right to replace the hotel reserved earlier with a hotel of the same or a higher class without changes in the price of stay. At that, the OrexCA.com Reservation office employee informs the client immediately about such replacements.


The cost of the ordered services is fixed according to the prices specified on the portal OrexCA.com at the moment of submission of the application.

All prices for accommodation in Kazakhstan are indicated in US Dollars, Euros or Tenge (the Kazakh national currency) and are effective for individual travelers.

Group discounts are provided upon the Client's request.

The costs for breakfast and taxes are included (if other is not specified).

The hotel reservation is performed based on both the guaranteed basis (before arrival: 100% pre-payment for the entire stay or for the first day of the stay), and the non-guaranteed basis (20 US$ for the booking service is to be payd before arrival, the full cost of the service is paid upon the Guest's arrival at the hotel).

Please note!
When the hotel reservation is performed using the non-guaranteed basis the Service Provider can guarantee the availability of rooms only on the day of the confirmation of the service order. When the guaranteed order is submitted to the hotel by a different guest, the hotel reserves the right to sell the room to that guest, whereas the earlier submitted non-guaranteed reservation may be cancelled without the notification submission to the Service Provider.

The Client has to timely confirm the execution of the payment to the OrexCA.com Reservation office employee. In case the confirmation is delayed, OrexCA.com reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Liable forms and terms of payment:

The payment is to be performed no later than 72 hours prior to the accommodation time.

Payment by bank transfer:
The Client is requested to transfer the amount of the purchase order to the settlement account of our company based on the invoice. After the successful transfer you are requested to provide the following data to the OrexCA.com Reservation Office: date, amount and the transfer ID number, the name of sender or company title, reservation number (provided by the reservation unit).

Please note!
All bank fees are to be paid for by the Client.

Payment in cash at the hotel:
If non-guaranteed reservation is performed, the payment may be performed in cash on the day of arrival at the hotel.

Payment by credit cards:
If case of non-guaranteed reservation pre-payment is to be made by credit card via the Internet and is available only for the booking fee in the amount of 20 US$.
The payment procedure is processed by RBK Money.

Safety and Confidentiality

All personal data provided by the Client is used solely for the service provision by the Provider.

The service Provider commits not to publish, sell, or transmit the data received from the Client to the third parties that are not part of the reservation process.
This is, however, not applicable for the service providers (hotels) that must receive the data to process the order.

Cancellation policy

Upon the timely request of the Client for the cancellation of pre-paid order, the service Provider reimburses the full amount of payment except for costs of bank transfer fees.

In case of late cancellation of booking (less than 4 days before arrival), or when the hotel informs us of client's non-arrival at hotel (NO SHOW) the Client will be liable for charge equal to one night stay at the hotel requested.

In case of non-guaranteed reservation, 20 US$ fee for the booking service is non-refundable.


The reservation system OrexCA.com is designed for the private use. Use of any material published at the web-portal is prohibited without the written permission issued by the service Provider.

The Provider neither takes any responsibility nor guarantees that any information from the hotel database is up-to-date or accurate. The service Provider does not take any responsibility for the goods or services provided by the hotels integrated into the reservation system.

The service Provider does not take responsibility for any inaccurate data entered by the Client when filling out the hotel booking form. The Client has to precisely enter the e-mail address as all further information is communicated to the Client by the e-mail.

The person submitting the Reservation form to the Service Provider, represents all travelers named under this Reservation form, and bears responsibility to OrexCA.com for the accuracy of the data provided in the Reservation form, and for the fulfillment by all guests of all the engagements including the engagements on the payment of services and fees due in case of the cancellation of the pre-ordered services.

The Parties are exempted from the liability for their engagements in case of the contingencies (force-majeur) such as earthquake, flood, fire, typhoon, hurricane, drifting, hostilities, government regulations, mass diseases, strikes, changes in visa regulations, limitations of transfers, prohibitions of trade operations with some countries as a result of international approvals and other circumstances, independent of the Parties' will. In case of such contingencies each of the Parties has to inform the other Party in shortest possible time.


If any claims occur on the client's part during the service provision, the Client should refer to OrexCA.com in a written form 3 days before the service order execution is complete.

Other terms

The service Provider reserves the right to change, add or expel any terms or conditions that stipulate for the provision of services on this web-portal.