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Regions of Kazakhstan
Information on Kazakhstan geography. Regions of Kazakhstan

Southern Kazakhstan region Southern Kazakhstan
Southern Kazakhstan includes the Almaty, Zhambil, South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda Regions. The region occupies a vast territory from the Aral Sea in the west to the Zhungarian Gates in the east, and from Lake Balkhash and the barren plateau of the Betpak-Dala in the north, to the borders of the Republic in the south, including the northern part of the Kizilkum Desert, the western and northern spurs of the Tian Shan Mountains and the ridges of the Zhungarian Alatau. From west to east the territory reaches for almost 2000 km ...
Northern Kazakhstan region Northern Kazakhstan
Northern Kazakhstan includes the North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Akmola and Kostanay Regions. This region is situated in the utmost northern part of the Republic, in the basins of the Esil, Tobil and Obagan rivers. From west to east, Northern Kazakhstan occupies a territory of more than 1300 km, and from north to south - about 900 km.
The main rivers are the Irtysh and its two tributaries - the Esil and the Tobol. The largest lakes are Kusmurin and Sari Kopa in Kostanay Region, Tengiz and Korgaljin in Akmola Region, and Shagala, Shortan and Burabay in the North Kazakhstan Region ...
Central Kazakhstan region Central Kazakhstan
The territory of Central Kazakhstan covers 398.8 thousand sq. km. Its population 1.72 million people, with a population density of 4.5 people per sq. km., 86% of whom live in towns and settlements. Central Kazakhstan is a treasury of natural resources. Lake Balkhash, one of the largest lakes in the world, and home of the unique Kargalinsky mountain forest oasis, are situated in Central Kazakhstan (Karagandinskaya Region). Mountaineers will be thrilled with the picturesque Ulytau Mountains. This region has many remarkable places, in which have been preserved archeological and ethnographic sites ...
Eastern Kazakhstan region Eastern Kazakhstan
Eastern Kazakhstan consists of the East Kazakhstan Region. This region is located at the junction of the boundaries of China, Mongolia and Russia. The greater part of this territory is occupied by the mountain ranges of the Ore, Southern Altai, Kalba, and Saur-Tarbagatay. The average altitude of the mountains is 800 to 1500m, in the extreme east of the Altai rising to 3000-4000m. The main rivers are the Irtysh and its tributaries: the Ulba, the Uba, and the Buhtorma. The largest lakes are the Markakol, Zaisan, Rahmanovskoye, Sasikkol, Alakol, and Maralye. The climate is extreme continental, with large daily and annual variations in temperature ...
Western Kazakhstan region Western Kazakhstan
Western Kazakhstan includes the West Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Mangistau and Aktyubinsk Regions. The territory is situated in the extreme west and southwest of the Republic. Its vast territory stretches for 1200km from north to south, and 1300 km from west to east. The main rivers are the Ural and Emba. The largest lakes are the Inder, Aralsor, and Kamis-Samarskiye. The most important economic role in the area is played by the Caspian Sea. Oil production has been developing for 100 years in this region, and Atyrau is the center of production and processing of black caviar. The climate here is extreme continental ...

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