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Mountain Hot Springs Resort of Rakhmanovskie Kluchi
Kazakhstan resorts and recreation

The resort is located at a distance of about 100 km from Burkhat Pass. 40 km of this distance is on good paved roads (comfortable driving speed is around 90 km/h). The rest consists of a low grade gravel surface (driving speed is 40 km/h), and low grade mountain gravel roads containing difficult terrain, being a serious test for a car and its passengers (driving speed is 5-20 km/h).

The Mountain Resort "Rakhmanovskie Kluchi" is located on natural hot springs in the Arasan River valley on the shore of the large Rakhmanovskoe Lake.

"Rakhmanovskie Kluchi" hot springs are produce radiant low-mineral calcium hydrocarbonate water. Water temperature of the springs is from 31° to 40° C. (86 - 104 F.)

Cedar forests, refreshing air saturated with the aroma of taiga and alpine meadows, mountainous areas and picturesque lakes - all this combined with the healing springs creates excellent conditions for health recovery.

According to early researchers, the ruins of a buddhist sanctuary were located on the spot of "Rakhmanovskie kluchi". At the present time, the reconstruction of the old health center is in progress here, and thus patient reception has been temporarily halted.

From the pass in the north of the valley opens a splendid panorama of the Katun Mountain range, with double-headed Mount Belukha (4506m) most prominent. 4 km from Uryl village on the way to "Rakhmanovskie Kluchi", a summer camp used by Kazakh nomads is located.

The residents of this camp ferment horse milk to produce the Kazakh national drink - koumiss. The location is very scenic: the felt yurts of the nomads are located on the bank of a vivid mountain river, Belaya Berel, in a mixed forest, with a nearby corral for fillies and colts.

Traditional Kazakh hospitality, living in this environment and sharing everyday life with the locals, caring for the horses, milking of fillies, preparation of traditional meat and dairy dishes, and complete isolation from the Outside World make for unforgettable impressions from a visit to this Kazakh camp.

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