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Regions of Kazakhstan
Cities and places of Kazakhstan Regions

Akmolinskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Akmola Region
The ancient culture of Kazakhstan, a wealth of attractions and unique nature charm visitors with their beauty and uniqueness. In the very heart of Kazakhstan, 160 km northwest of Astana, the Kurgalja National Reserve is set in the Tengiz Kurgalja Depression, where steppe and semi-desert meet, separating Kazakh sandstone from the Kokchetau Hills. The reserve covers 237,100 hectares of shrubbery and grass, typical of the steppe ...
Aktyubinskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Aktyube Region
Aktyube Region is one of the most significant industrial areas of Kazakhstan. It occupies an area of approximately 300,000 sq. km. and borders Russia in the north, Uzbekistan in the south, and in the east and west three Regions of Kazakhstan. (In the east Kostanai, Karaganda and Kyzylorda; in the west Atyrau, Mangistau and West Kazakhstan) ...
Almatinskaya oblast. Kazakhstan Regions Almaty Region
The Almaty Region was created on March 1Oth 1997, by uniting with the Taldykorgan province, thus, it became 5th in the country in area, which is 224,000 sq. km., equal to the entire area of such European states as Greece and Hungary combined. The Oblast occupies the whole southeast of the Republic, the territory which is called Zhetysu (Semirechye) ...
Atyrauskaya oblast. Kazakhstan nature Atyrau Region
Atyrau Region features 400m steep slopes and dazzling and perfectly round stones 2 m in diameter. This protected limestone plateau was once the bottom of a prehistoric ocean. The Caspian and Aral seas are its remains. Here the arid steppe meets the wetlands of the Ural River (Zhaik in Kazakh), which resemble the swamps of Florida ...
Karagandinskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Karaganda Region
Saryarka: what Kazakh people have historically called the territory located in the central part of Kazakhstan. The largest part of Karaganda region consists of a long line of mountain ranges: in the east are the Kyzylarai Mountains, in the northeast the Karkaralinsk Mountains, and in in the west the Ulytau ...
Kostanaiskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Kostanai Region
Tо many people, Kostanai Region is associated with the concept of the "virgin lands" campaign. Today, it is the largest grain supplier in Kazakhstan. The region also has well-developed processing and food industries. This area is one of the largest in Kazakhstan. It is located at the junction of the Ural mountains, West Siberian Plain and Turgai Plateau. The biggest rivers flowing across Kostanai region are the Tobol and Turgai. The Tobol river is the most interesting due to the many legends associated with it ...
Kyzylordinskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Kyzylorda Region
Kyzylorda Region is located in the southwest of Kazakhstan. Its administrative center is Kyzylorda. The depths of the Earth here are rich in mineral deposits. That is why the key branch of the regional economy is the mining industry. However, the territory of Kyzylorda Region accommodates numerous architectural ...
Mangistauskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan Mangistau Region
The Treasure Peninsula... This is the common nickname of one of the richest areas of Kazakhstan - Mangistau Region. This land is rich in oil, gas, raw materials, and various ores and minerals. It is also true that present day Mangistau is called a land of tourism and recreation resources, with a rich cultural heritage ...
Pavlodarskaya oblast Pavlodar Region
This area of Kazakhstan is famous for its remarkable Bayan-Aul National Park, one of the most picturesque places in the country. It is set within a hundred kilometers of Ekibastuz, a city with developed industry. This National Park features four types of vegetation: forest, shrub, steppe and meadow ...
Severo-Kazakhstanskaya oblast North Kazakhstan Region
Uralsk is the administrative center of the region (founded in 1613) and one of the oldest towns in Kazakhstan. It is situated on the right bank of the Ural River at the confluence of the Chagan River, and with its forests and pastures was suitable for the camps of nomads, Scythians, and others ...
Vostochno-Kazakhstanskaya oblast. Cities and places in Kazakhstan East Kazakhstan Region
The nature of East Kazakhstan is amazing. The steppe and semi-desert zones of Asia meet the mountainous taiga of Siberia, giving birth to ua nique landscape spectrum: deserts, steppes, taiga, mountains with eternally sparkling glaciers, numerous rivers and lakes ...
Yuzhno-Kazakhstanskaya oblast South Kazakhstan Region
Kazakhstan is a land of ancient civilizations. Since time immemorial, its inhabitants have been creating an outstanding and original culture. South Kazakhstan Region is famous mostly for its historical memorials - burial mounds, sites of ancient settlements, fortresses, mausoleums and ancient towns. The center of South Kazakhstan Region, Shymkent city with its population of about half a millon people, is the third in size in Kazakhstan ...
Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya oblast West Kazakhstan Region
The administrative center of the region is Uralsk, the oldest city in Kazakhstan. Another largely populated industrial city is Aksai, the center of the Burlinski administrative area. It is a city of oil and gas industry workers. West Kazakhstan Region is not only an economic and industrial area but also one of the most unique corners of Kazakhstan ...
Zhambylskaya oblast Zhambyl Region
Zhambyl Region is a huge territory, stretching from the vast Betpak-Dala desert to the magnificent Tien Shan and from the Chu valley to the Karatau Mountains. The administrative center of the region is Taraz, situated in the south of Kazakhstan. Taraz is by right one of the most ancient cities in Kazakhstan (in 2002 it celebrated its 2,000 year anniversary). Chinese records dating back to the middle of the 1st century BC mention this city ...
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