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Mascot fo the 7th Asian Winter Games - 2011

Snow leopard - IRBY
1. In the modern world Snow leopard a long time ago was fixed as one of the main symbols of power and greatness of independent Kazakhstan. It is well known, that one of main purposes of mascot is to reflect the unique spirit of that place where games will take place.

2. Mascot is a part of general corporate identity of Asiad and it should fit into general context of all visual materials organically. So, it is difficult to find more suitable image, than a leopard with it's native elements - snow tops.

3. Mascot by all means should symbolize values of modern Olympic movement, and the snow leopard has all basic characteristics of true Olympian: strength, boldness, endurance and nobleness.

4. In the modern world sport mascot necessarily reflects traditions of people, their history and the important cultural codes. So, the leopard is a multiple-valued and rich symbol.

As you known, zoomorphic images functioned as means of modeling the world in culture of nomadic civilization. In mythological ideas of Scythians leopard was the defender of justice, "it as the supreme judge, observed the events from divine height". Also the leopard frequently represents itself as divine defender of arbor vitae, being, thus, a symbol of protection space order, the guarantor of stability of a universe, that is associated with the basic ideas of Olympic movement.

Etymology of name
The name mascot should be authentic to the character and it's cultural cods. And also should be easy and positively identified in trance - language interpretation. Besides, the name should have harmonious typographic structure as it is also a part of corporate identity of Asian Winter Games-2011.

One more important aspect of the name of mascot and artistic realization of it's appearance - onomastic and anatomic childish anthropomorphism (proportions of a body of the child, the big head, a smile, the humanized sight directed on the spectator, and a name sounding as a pet name of the kid). It helps to mascot rise sympathies of all types of an audience.

According to the foresaid tasks, the word "IRBYS" was accepted, as one of the most well known international names of a snow leopard. And then it was reduced up to a pet name IRBY - in Latin transcription IRBY.

The phonosemantic analysis determines the following main characteristics of name IRBY: good, cheerful, pure, courageous, bright, safe. All this associations in the best way help to create an interesting character, and also guarantee the positive attitude to it.

For courageous, dexterous and hardy IRBY snow - is native elements and sport - is a way of life. Strong, graceful, full of energy, it is very friendly and does not imagine the life without movement and communication.

Snow leopard by name IRBI lives in high mountains.

Nobody can compete with IRBI in dexterity, strength and endurance. Most of all IRBI likes to play: to play in snow, to jump on rocks, and always creates various entertainments, only not to sit on a place. But, unfortunately, on high mountain peaks there is nobody to play with- only shy argali, and proud eagles, but IRBI is very sociable and friendly. Once IRBI has heard that in the most important cities of its country - in Astana and Almaty - there is a great holiday under the name Winter Asian Olympic Games, on which will come the same courageous, strong and hardy people, as snow leopards from different countries.

"I shall find friends there", - was glad IRBI and began his journey...

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