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Nature Reserves of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Reserves

Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. Kazakhstan Nature Aksu-Zhabagly
In the Western Tian-Shan, meadows and steppe turn to rugged mountains and narrow gorges with overhanging stone eaves. Impetuous rivers flow down deep canyons through thundering waterfalls. And the fathomless blue of the sky reflects in the mirror-like surface of icy mountain lakes ...
Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve. Kazakhstan Nature Korgalzhyn
Centuries-old culture, Kazakhstan's wealth of attractions and unique nature charm visitors, not only with their beauty but also with their singularity. In the very heart of Kazakhstan, 160 km northwest of Astana, is the Kurgalja National Preserve. The Korgalzhyn National Park is the largest preserve zone in Kazakhstan, and occupies an area of about 258.9 million hectares and including 198,000 hectares of wetlands ...
Kulujun Nature Reserve Kulujun
It is located 180 km from Ust-Kamenogorsk - 3.5 hours' journey. We will drive on a good asphalted road at a comfortable driving speed of up to 70km/h. The road goes through picturesque spurs of the Kalbinskiy mountain range, allowing us to observe steppe or dense pine forests, through the routes of dzhungar tribes' camps, through the territory where the ancient Kazakh belligerent tribes Argyn and Najman lived ...
Big Almaty lake Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan nature Markakolskiy
Eastern Kazakhstan shelters one of the most surprising corners of Kazakhstan - the Markakol National Reserve. Lake Markakol is justly called the pearl of this area. It lies in a cavity, blocked by the Kuchum Ridge in the north and by the Azutau Ridge in the south. The lake is 38 km long, 19 km wide and 27 m deep. It is fed by 27 rivers, but only the Kalzhir River flows out of the lake ...
Big Almaty lake Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan nature Naurzym
The Naurzum Reserve is situated on the territory of the Naurzum and Semiozyorski regions of Kostanay Oblast, 190 km to the south of Kostanay, in the Turgay Narrows, where the Tersek, the Sipsin and the Naurzum Tracts join ...
Big Almaty lake Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan nature West-Altai
Having passed 15 km from recreation area "Gemma", we are approaching the borders of the West-Altai state nature reserve (60 km from Ridder by dirt road). The reserve was created for the preservation and investigation of a nature complex typical for the mountain - taiga woods of the West Altai. The total area of the reserve is 56,078 hectares ...
Ustyurt National Biosphere Reserve. Kazakhstan nature Ustyurt National Biosphere Reserve
One of the most attractive tourist routes in the territory of the preserve is the Journey Along the Great Silk Road, stretching across Mangistau Region from south to north, and further to the northwest, to the Ustyurt Plateau and through the Shetpinskie Gates to the Caspian coast. This is the spot where the trans-shipment of cargo from land to sea and vice versa was performed ...

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