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National Nature Parks of Kazakhstan
On Kazakhstan's Nature Parks

Altyn-Emel Nature park. Kazakhstan Nature Altyn-Emel
The Altyn-Emel State National Park, the largest in Kazakhstan, is located among the southern spurs of the Zhungar Alatau Ridge on an area of 520 thousand ha. Unique natural formations and monuments from ancient cultures, preeminent eco-tourism features, are located in the park; the Singing dunes, the Aktau Mountains, forming a "lunar" landscape, and also the five Besshatyr Barrows. Ancient petroglyphs can be found in the gorges
Bayan-Aul Nature Park Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan nature Bayan-Aul
Pavlodar Region is famous for its magnificent Bayanaul National Natural Park - one of the most picturesque places in the country. The SNNP (State National Nature Park) "Bayan-Aul" was formed in 1985 to preserve and restore the flora and fauna of the Bayan-Aul mountain range. The SNNP "Bayan-Aul" is situated in Pavlodar region and covers 50,000 hectares ...
Burabay - National Nature Park of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan nature Burabay
In the north of Akmola region, the SNNP "Burabay" is located. This resort pearl of Kazakhstan is a fantastic mountainous land harboring mysterious wonders. Gorgeous pine woods, rocks formed of neat gigantic bricks, fantastic shapes of peaks resembling sometimes exotic, sometimes Egyptian pointed pyramids separated by silent lakes. The SNNP "Burabay" was established in August 2000 and it is under the supervision of the Administration of Presidential Affairs ...
Karkaralinsky National Nature Park. Kazakhstan nature Karkaralinsky National Nature Park
The name of Karkaraly originates from the national Kazakh woman's hat - the karkary, artfully covered with beads, lace, silk, velvet and owl feathers. And like this bright Karkara, Karkaralinsky Mountains shine with all the colors of the rainbow. Its highest point is the three-faced Komsomol Peak (1,403m) and the surrounding hills rise to 400-500m. The reserve covers about 1,000 sq .km. of pine and birch forests and various kinds of grasses ...
Karkaralinsky National Nature Park. Kazakhstan nature Katon-Karagay National Park
Eastern Kazakhstan is a truly unique part of Central Asia, bordering Russia, China, and Mongolia. Here the Silk Road branches out, connecting Southern Siberia, the Altai, Central Asia and Western China. The landscape is colorful, with snow covered mountain peaks, fantastical rocky cliffs, enchanting cedar forests, wonderful lakes, fast-flowing rivers and brightly colored wildflowers ...
Kokshetau National Nature Park Kokshetau
This destination is located in the north of Akmola region within the mountainous forests of the Zerenda, Shalkar, Imantau and Airtau natural zones and the lakes of Zerenda, Shalkar, Imantau and Saumalkol. 60% of the region is covered with forests, with steppes among them. Most of the lakes have fresh water, and only Shalkar is famous for salubrious salty water ...
Sairam-Ugamskiy National Nature Park Sairam-Ugamskiy
The picturesque glacier lakes and high mountain valleys of the Ugamskiy range, its passes and glaciers make an ideal base for many scenic tourist routes.
Having covered 70km from Shymkent by highway, you find yourself in the Sayram-Su canyon of the Ugamskiy ridge ...

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