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Kazakh proverbs
Folklore of Kazakhstan

  • Motherland is the motherto people; people is the mother to a dzhigit (skilful horseman).

  • There is no place like your Motherland.

  • The best people are in your therland.

  • Love to the Motherland starts in the family.

  • The Motherland can get you warm better than fire.

  • There is a lot of gold in some places, but still the Motherland is dearer than gold.

  • An onion can be as sweet as honey if it grows in your Motherland.

  • Even a mole feels strong when it is in his hole.

  • If your sickle is sharp you wil I have a rich crop, if your Motherland is strong you will be as strong as your enemy.

  • As small as sparrow is, it still protects its nest.

  • A goose misses its lake, a man longs for his Motherland.

  • You must have not gone too far if you were able to find your way back.

  • Even air in your land can cure.

  • Native land is a paradise for everybody.

  • To betray the Motherland is as bad as to bury yourself alive.

  • A man cries over the loss of his wife until she is buried, a man cries over the loss of his Motherland until he is buried.

  • Afield looks lonely if it has not been sowed and a dzhigit looks lonely if he does not have a Motherland.

  • Days and nights are beautiful in your Motherland.

  • Any land is good but the Motherland is the best.

  • A crow from your land is better than a hawk from a foreign land.

  • If a horse misses its herd, it stamps its back hooves. If a man misses company, he harnesses his horse.

  • Even if I cannot be a khan in my Motherland, I would be happy to be just a stone in a ravine.

  • A divided country will fall; a united country will standfast.

  • Never enter a seedy place; never live in a country without a leader.

  • Each country has different laws, even different dogs.

  • When the people will stand up, they can reach the sky.

  • That dzhigit is happy if he knows his price. People are happy who rule themselves.

  • To go up against people is like to swim against the current.

  • Who leads the people will swallow butter, who lags behind the people will swallows dust.

  • The history of land is the history of its people.

  • The people's wrath can destroy even fortresses.

  • A road can mean another road, the people can get closer to people.

  • If the people are looking for one if their own, they will find him in no time. The people have long hands.

  • The people do not talk empty talk, whatever they talk is sensible.

  • The people's strength is as powerful as a mud slide.

  • One can live with loss of sight but cannot live without people.

  • A fowl can be very playful but will never run away from the herd.

  • A merchant is a spoon, the people is the sea.

  • People's smile is hotter than the sun.

  • Eyes of a hundred people can warm you up better than the sun.

  • A man can be more intelligent than his friends but cannot be wiser than the whole people.

  • It is better to cook porridge for a hundred people that to be a boss for ten.

  • One cannot put a plug on people's mouth.

  • It is better to be a servant to six people than to be a leader of five.

  • The people have sharp sight and generous hands.

  • People's gratitude is a real grace.

  • There is no people without the eldest.

  • Who travels in other countries will be a critic, who wanders the forest will be a builder.

  • There are no people without conflicts, there is no land without enemies.

  • The people without thieves are like the land without wolves.

  • There is no people without sons as there is no land without flowers.

  • The people without a khan is like the land without mountains.

  • The one who does not know his people cannot judge other people.

  • Happiness does not run away from the people and craftiness cannot slip away from the people.

  • A man is a guest in this life.

  • If the people are united, there is no place for hostility.

  • One cannot embrace the people's bosom.

  • There is no wall the people can seize.

  • A wolf cannot get enough of sheep and a man cannot get enough of thinking.

  • One can better than a batyr but cannot be better than the people.

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