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Grand Park Esil Hotel  
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Grand Park Esil Address: 8 Beibitshilik, Astana
Reference point: Central Square

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Author: joeli881     From: Added: 27 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: September 2014

Signs of ongoing improvement but not quite there yet

I thought the reception staff here were very helpful. The architecture of the hotel compares very favourably to other buildings in the area and it is within walking distance to the river and central park in Astana. There are comfortable informal group meeting areas throughout the hotel. On the other hand, rooms are fairly small, airconditioning was unreliable at best and juice and coffee at breakfast were poor quality.
Author: MWHW     From: Cambridge, United Kingdom Added: 5 October 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: November 2013

Hotel strictly for business

Clean rooms, though all a bit dated. Beds not terribly comfortable. The bar area outside though is great for relaxing with a beer and some chechil in the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather before winter comes along!
Author: Nigel A     From: Dorchester, United Kingdom Added: 19 September 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: September 2014

Do not even think of staying anywhere else in Astana!

The Grand Park Esil is full of charm and elegance and is a very classy hotel in which to stay. It is located in the older part of the city, but is close to a wide range of shops and restaurants.
The decor throughout was extremely comfortable and tasteful and the modern rooms offered flat screen televisions and wifi.
The restaurant was superb offering excellent food and service in luxurious surroundings.
However, the main attraction for me were the staff in reception who were amongst the most helpful I have ever come across.
This is an hotel worth staying in - do not look elsewhere and miss out on the heritage this hotel is justly proud of.
Author: jlw35     From: London, United Kingdom Added: 26 August 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: July 2014

A really nice atmosphere, fab staff

A little late reviewing, the hotel is a little dated, the room was a bit hot in July and the shower a little small with a step to navigate. HOWEVER, these are small gripes. The staff were amazing, the front desk were incredibly helpful and spoke great English. I stayed for 6 nights and on the last day had signs of a cold. The front desk could not have been more helpful ensuring that I had cold medicine. I needed mosquito repellent and was given some by the marketing (I think) manager. In the bar/ restaurant the supervisor was the loveliest person ever, she always remembered my name and the group of colleagues I was working with appreciated the service the bar staff gave.
Thank you and I hope to see you in April.
Miss Julia!!!!
Author: Wolfs H     From: Manchester, United Kingdom Added: 30 July 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: July 2014

Very good location

This is a perfectly good hotel situated in a historic building. I have found it to be clean and well maintained: I've stayed here four times totalling some seven weeks and I've never seen any evidence of the cockroaches which several reviewers mention. Rooms are small but adequate, breakfast is satisfactory and the reception staff have enough English to get by. Air conditioning wasn't very effective.

There's a quite nice outdoor bar in summer - but beware biting insects in late July/early August! Overall, this is an acceptable hotel - I and colleagues have been placed elsewhere on some other visits and we begged to return to the Grand Park - it would seem that the employing body have strict budget constraints and this hotel is the best of those we've been placed in.

The location is very good - a short walk away from Ali Baba, Torfan and Rafe, with a supermarket just round the corner and foreign exchange bureaux within 5 minutes walk. It's close to the riverside and, if you have the energy, about an hour's gentle stroll along the river to the city centre.

On balance - recommendable.
Author: алия     From: Тараз Added: 5 December 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: November 2014

Здраствуйте,останавливались там в ноябре 2014 когда приезжали по делам в Астану.номера хорошие.чисто.уютно.но ресепшн надоедливый и хамоватый.а так нормальный отель
Author: KatyaBelkina     From: Санкт-Петербург, Россия Added: 13 October 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: October 2014

Просто вау!

Очень хороший отель! Были довольны всем. Впечатлило дружелюбие и ответственность персонала. ДВАЖДЫ в день меняли белье! По сравнению с отелем в Алматы - этот отель был находкой. Вкусная еда, небольшой, но очень уютный номер. Интернет был и работал на хорошем уровне, выше среднего, по крайней мере. Если еще поеду, то только сюда!
И очень близко ко всем учреждениям, самый центр города.
Author: nel02051973     From: Тула, Россия Added: 16 October 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: October 2014

Прекрасная Астана

Была в командировке в Астане в начале октября 2014. Астана потрясает!!! Хотя, конечно, не без восточных ноток))) Левобережные застройки впечатляют! особо потрясла новая мечеть и Астана-Опера! Сам Байтерек и площадь, которая его окружает, - не очень, напоминает какой-то космический пейзаж!!! Отель Гранд Парк Есиль - в самом центре города, прекрасное обслуживание, моментальная реакция на просьбы, прекрасные места отдыха в самом отеле, дружелюбное обращение персонала, чисто, уютно, ресторан тоже вполне хорошо! Немного холодновато было в номере, но у меня он был угловой, сразу же принесли обогреватель!
Author: AlexeyZhukov     From: Москва, Россия Added: 26 June 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: June 2014


В этот приезд в отель открыл для себя сауну и бассейн. Очень расслабляет после тяжелого трудового/туристического дня. Сауна и бассейн открыты до 23-30. Полотенца и тапочки предоставляются. И совсем мало людей.
Author: Evgeniy26     From: Ставропольский край, Россия Added: 19 July 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: August 2013

Хороший отель

Хороший отель. Очень удобно расположен. Отлично организованы завтраки и обеды. Достаточно большой выбор. Все чисто. Обслуживание на хорошем уровне. Проблемы были с интернетом. Иногда пропадал сигнал в номере.
Author: Orthe     From: Washington DC, District of Columbia Added: 7 May 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: May 2014

Ok, for quick stay of 4/5 days

Hotel is fine. Nothing out of ordinary. Suite Delux could be rather small, wish it had some extra room, including in the bathroom, which is one of those enclosed closets. Considering all the extra areas in and around the hotel are large and vacant. Went on busy time of the year. Just ate breakfast in the AM, which was fine also, nothing heavy. it's located in convenient area, as it's by a nice super market, close to walk by the river and the more nocturnal active areas.

Staff was cool and most spoke english, sometimes they forgot to refill my water, but that't just because I keep hydrated.

Gym's best part is the locker room, it has a pool and HOT sauna.
Author: Steve_Roc     From: London Added: 1 June 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: May 2014

Reasonable hotel on the edge of town

Astana's centre of gravity has moved since this hotel was built (it's fairly close to the railway station which used to be the main part of town) but you've still got a good range of restaurants and cafes close by and it's not far from the river.
My room was compact but did have a small balcony. The bathroom is small (shower only which suits me but no good if you want a bath). The air conditioning struggles to cool the room - it was very warm all the time I was there.
Breakfast is OK; some good fresh fruit, meats, cheeses, breads, cereals, various hot foods.
There's a small swimming pool and sauna (separate for men and women) and a small gym. In the week I was there I only saw one other person in the pool so I enjoyed my time there!
Author: zmrzlina     From: UK Added: 18 June 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: June 2014

Great atmosphere / character

Stayed here three nights on business and really enjoyed it.
The hotel has great atmosphere and character. I prefer places like this over soul-less Western box hotels. Grand Park Esil is a hotel with history.

I liked:
*The front desk. They were polite and helpful and spoke perfect English.
*My bed was comfortable and the room (while not huge) was big enough to be comfortable. There were not a huge amount of channels, but luckily at least one was showing the World Cup.
*The location is good - just a short walk from a shopping centre (across the road) and 2-3 blocks from the riverside, which is lively and scenic.
*The pool is small but very refreshing.
*Cleanliness of common areas and my room (which did *not* stink of smoke or feature insect life)
*The room service I ordered from the night menu was hot and tasty

Room for improvement
* Breakfast. There is a decent variety, but it is not presented very well. And I know Central Asians are tea drinkers, but it really is pretty poor to have the only coffee option be Nescafe.

All in all, this is a place I would happily stay in again if I return to Astana (and I hope I do!)
Author: GJW3     From: Baltimore, Maryland Added: 13 March 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: March 2014

Solid, comfortable stay in a very good location

I should clarify that my "very good" rating is based mainly on experiences in other hotels in Kazakhstan. Still, I think the Grand Park Esil is a fine place to stay in Astana.

The location is great: in the old part of the city, near plenty of restaurants and shopping venues, and also close to the river, with easy access to the new part of the city. The rooms are clean and more than adequate, the staff very nice, helpful, and professional. The breakfast that comes with the room rate is nothing extraordinary, but it is certainly more than adequate. The WiFi was terrific. When I first arrived, I noticed a leak in my sink's drain pip, which was off-putting. However, it was taken care of immediately without any fuss.

A couple of hints: First, get a standard room. I stayed in a moderate room, which was fine, but for an extra $20 (roughly), a little extra space is well worth it. Second, the soap and shampoo provided are miniscule, so bring your own. Finally, the hotel does not provide complimentary bottled water, as some other hotels here do, which is a shame. There is water in the minibar, though I would suggest simply finding a place to buy your own for cheaper. Still and all, this was a very good experience.
Author: JLJ60763     From: New York City, New York Added: 14 February 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: February 2014

good location and charm

Grand Park Esil is a fine place to stay in Astana for a short trip. Well located to explore the city on foot, restaurants nearby, a plentiful and delicious breakfast. Clean rooms. Pleasant and helpful service.
Author: Aleksey C     From: Душанбе, Таджикистан Added: 9 April 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: март 2014

Старое на новый лад

Очень люблю останавливаться в старых гостиницах, которые полностью переделаны. Чисто, персонал хороший, но иногда немного надоедливый.Номера большие. потолки высокие, но шумно если окна на улицу. Цена высоковата. можно подешевле конечно найти. но качество оправдывает. Еда разнообразная, свежая.
Author: Мурат Е     From: Караганда, Казахстан Added: 9 April 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: март 2014

Приличный отель в центре города

Останавливаюсь в этом отеле часто. Нравится расположение - центр города, рядом ЦУМ, Конгресс Холл, набережная и городской парк. Стандартный номер довольно компактный, очень хорошие номера Junior Suite. Есть тренажерный зал, сауна и маленький бассейн. Завтрак - шведский стол, выбор достаточный. Отзывчивый персонал.
Хороший отель для деловой поездки.
Author: Mariya     From: Россия Added: 22 April 2014
Rate: 3    Stayed here on: апрель 2014

Хороший wifi, бесплатно чай, кофе, вода и вино.
Чистота постельного белья и полотенец. сложилось впечатление, что было не свежее. Устаревшая сантехника.
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